First Harvest Circle: Gratitude & Abundance

*This is an in-person circle in Toronto, ON. Friday, Aug 5th 7pm-10pm.

We are now at the midway between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox, the time of celebrating our first harvest. This is called Lughnasadh in Gaelic, Gwyl Awst in Welsh or Lammas in Britain which is the harvesting of grains such as wheat, oats and barley. We are also harvesting herbs, flowers and many other gifts from the Earth mother. This is the first of three harvest festivals- the second one is at Fall Equinox and celebrates the harvesting of fruits and the third one is Samhain which honors the hunt.

The harvest is about more than food, however. Our harvest is about cultivating abundance in every aspect of our lives, such as in love, personal growth, health, creativity as well as financial prosperity. It is also about cultivating gratitude and appreciation for what we have, for the earth itself and recognising the sacrifices we and others have made to be where we are now.

We are entering that bittersweet time of year where we savour every last drop of warmth and earthly bounty before the cool winds of fall start to blow. This awareness of the coming darkness urges us to reflect on the toils and work we have done to date and assess our current path.

We can reflect on the following questions:

What are we grateful for?

What have we accomplished in the last 6 months?

What did we envision or intend at the start of the year?

What adjustments or changes need to be made?

How can we invite in more appreciation for ourselves as well as gratitude for what we currently have?

What does abundance mean to us?

What type of abundance do we still desire to cultivate more of in our lives?

In this circle, we will reflect on these questions and discuss, holding space for our feelings, including the cultural, capitalistic influences on our self-worth. We will also create our very own Abundance Spell Bottles, or Witch Bottles to draw in more of the abundance we seek! These are small bottles filled with herbs, crystals and intentions, sealed with wax and charged with the energy of our intent to help us manifest what we desire. All materials will be provided. We will also feast and hold a bonfire, weather permitting.

This Hearthfire Circle will take place Friday, August 5th 7pm-10pm EDT in my backyard in Toronto, ON. Space is limited. Admission is PWYC $25. If this is your first circle, you can come for free! This circle will also be potluck, so if possible, bring a drink or food item to share.

If you are new to the Hearthfire Circles, please visit here to learn more.

To Register:

If you would like to reserve your spot in this circle, please contact me below and ask if there is space. Once I have confirmed there is space, please e-transfer me pwyc $25 (non-refundable) or let me know if it is your first time attending. Your space will then be confirmed. An email outlining details will be sent out a couple days before the circle.

In gratitude & warmth,