Summer Solstice Circle: Letting in the Light

“The more light you allow within you the brighter the world you live in will be.” – Shakti Gawain

*This is an in-person circle in Toronto, ON. Friday June 23rd 7pm-10pm

The Summer Solstice is the peak of the sun’s light for the year. Also named Litha meaning ‘light’, and Alban Hefin meaning ‘light of the shore’ in Druidry, this is a potent, magickal time for healing and protection. The sun’s power and vitality in full force makes this an excellent time to imbue our body, mind and soul with its light. As we do so, our energy body is cleared and we regain strength.

The Earth Mother is blossoming in her fullness and beauty, drawn out by the sun’s light. Like the energy of a full moon, the Summer Solstice can bring things into our awareness that were hidden before and encourage us to heal, cleanse and renew ourselves emotionally and physically.

The Summer Solstice initiates the astrological season of Cancer, the water sign represented by the crab. Cancer reminds us to flow with the cycles, to allow ourselves to receive, to make space for our emotional needs, and cultivate a sense of home within and without. When we allow ourselves to receive the gifts the Earth Mother offers us through the elements of earth, air, water and fire, we are nourished. When we are nourished, we can better radiate our unique energy into the world, like the sun.

In this Hearthfire Circle, we will go on a guided meditation journey to connect with the elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth to discover which element will be a healing ally for us this season. We will create summer candle holders, feast and enjoy a bonfire. It will take place in my backyard (weather permitting) in Toronto, ON.

Circle Info & Registration:

*If you are new to the Hearthfire Circles, please visit here to learn more!

Date: Friday, June 23rd 7pm-10pm

Location: Toronto -near Woodbine & Danforth ave. (Address given upon registration)

All materials as well as a snack and drinks provided.

PWYC $45. If it’s your first time, it’s FREE. When you register, you are taking a spot in a limited space event and supplies are bought for you. Cancellations must be at least 48 hours in advance, as someone will need to take your place.

If you are new to the Hearthfire Circles, please visit here to learn more.

To Register:

Please contact me below and ask if there is space. Once I have confirmed there is space, please e-transfer me PWYC $45 (non-refundable) or let me know if it is your first time attending. Your space will then be confirmed. An email outlining details will be sent out a couple days before the circle.

May your Summer Solstice be radiant and joyful!