Home & Hearth Magick Workshop

Some say the home is an extension or reflection of our inner self. It must feel like our own personal sanctuary that allows us to drop our masks and be our authentic self so that we can successfully navigate the demands of our roles in the world.

Our home- its structure and energy- has its own unique personality and needs, so it is important that we are in a harmonious relationship with it. As we take care of our home, it will take care of us. 

Many factors influence the energy in our space- especially in urban settings, we have certain challenges to contend with- such as small spaces, roommates, working from home, neighbors, shared walls, noise and air pollution, the demands of children, pets, families, etc. Even with these variables, we can still create a sacred space that anchors and nourishes our unique spirit!

Join me as we explore ways of getting to know the energy of our home space, and how to create a better flow within it. You will learn to use the 4 elements in each room; Cleansing & Protection rituals; Symbols; Astrology & Numerology of the home; Connecting with the Spirit of your home, Flexing your intuitive muscles and more. 

As a practicing Hearthwitch who has spent a lot of time and energy working from and nourishing others from her home base, I have complied a rich resource base for helping you bring more magic into your home or create a sense of sacred space and ‘home’ wherever you spend your time.

“Less than a day after I started practicing advice from the Home & Hearth Magick workshop, the energy in a small transitional house I moved into changed. The negative energy in a living environment with six other women transformed into a more respectful, cooperative, and peaceful space. For the first time in two years, after battling breast cancer, this workshop helped me shape a house into living space that feels like home. I relearned how to listen to my heart and mind with self-compassion, to acknowledge the strength of my intuition, and to trust my heart and Spirit.” -Dani


– What is the hearth? Honoring the heart of your home
– Home spirits, land spirits, land history
– Ancestors
– Space clearing methods
– Protection
– ‘Listening’ to your space, flexing your intuitive muscles
– Home address numerology & astrology of the home
– Colours, herbs, essential oils, elements & directions
– Using magic while cleaning, cooking daily living     

Next date TBA! Please contact me if this workshop interests you. I will set a date!

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As a Witch who makes her home and practice in Tkaronto (Toronto) Ontario, I deeply thank the original stewards of this land: The Mississaugas of the Credit, Mississaugas of Scugog, Alderville, Hiawatha & Curve Lake; The Chippewas of Beausoleil, Rama & Georgina island, the Haudenosaunee and Wendat nations. I acknowledge the resilience of the First Nation, Inuit and Metis people who live and work here in the present, in a system of inequity and oppression. I am working on uncolonising my own practice, amplifying Indigenous voices and supporting Indigenous communities in whatever way I can.