Welcome to the cauldron of magick, healing & renewal…

Hi, my name is Serena and I am a Witch, Tarot Reader and Earth-Based Healing Facilitator based in Toronto, Ontario.

Perhaps you’re like me and you’re a sensitive soul on a self-healing, spiritual path in life. You feel your spirit come alive in nature and when you slow down and listen to your inner wisdom. You may already follow an earth-based spiritual path or wish to connect to your inner Witch.

You may be going through a time of transition or uncertainty and wish for some guidance and clarity. You may have been feeling life has lost its magick and wish to refill your inner cauldron with nourishment, inspiration and renewal.

Here at the Cauldron Goddess, I help sensitive souls like you come back into balance by reconnecting you with your intuitive wisdom, bringing you greater clarity and guidance on your path and offering spiritual resourcing for your healing and renewal. I believe we all hold great magick within us and I am here to help you access this.

Through Gentle Tarot & Wellness Readings, Hearthfire Circles and more, I empower you with tools to lead a magickal life and nourish your inner Witch. Services are provided both online and in-person. Read about me to learn more.

Llyn Tegid, Wales

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As a Witch who makes her home and practice in Tkaronto (Toronto) Ontario, I deeply thank the original stewards of this land: The Mississaugas of the Credit, Mississaugas of Scugog, Alderville, Hiawatha & Curve Lake; The Chippewas of Beausoleil, Rama & Georgina island, the Haudenosaunee and Wendat nations. I acknowledge the resilience of the First Nation, Inuit and Metis people who live and work here in the present, in a system of inequity and oppression. I am working on uncolonising my own practice, amplifying Indigenous voices and supporting Indigenous communities in whatever way I can.