Hearthfire Circles

Are you looking to nourish your spirit and connect with like-minded community?

Grab a cup of tea and curl up by the fire at a Hearthfire Circle!

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What are the Hearthfire Circles?

Hearthfire Circles are small gatherings (online & in-person) for earth-lovers, pagans, sensitive souls, healers and spiritually inclined folks who wish to connect more deeply with themselves through aligning with the cycles of the seasons. They are an evolution of my original seasonal circles I’ve held since 2013.

Hearthfire Circles celebrate the peaks and transitions between seasons in the northern hemisphere. They follow the Wheel of the Year with celebrations held near the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days. They are inspired by my own path, which draws from traditions in the UK and Europe as well as the land I walk on here in Tkaronto, Canada. (Toronto).

They are open to all genders, paths and backgrounds, no experience in anything witchy necessary!

What happens at the circles?

Each circle consists of a guided journey, discussion, divination and ritual and sometimes art-making, depending on the theme of the season. Connection and sharing is encouraged, however you don’t have to share anything you don’t wish to. We strive to hold a warm, casual and inclusive space for all to feel comfortable. Both online and in-person circles are kept small on purpose for better quality.

What are the benefits?

The Hearthfire Circles invite us to recognise how the earth lives and breathes through us and the seasons are mirrored in our psyches.

In understanding our connection to the earth, we are better able to cope with modern day challenges such as lack of community care, lack of self-care, hustle culture, undervaluing our emotional and intuitive wisdom, lack of belonging and colonial mindset. We nourish those undernourished parts of ourselves and balance unhealthy conditioning. We begin to see our lives as part of the cycle of life-death-rebirth and learn how to flow with change rather than against it.

Through ritual, guided meditation, divination and creative projects, we empower ourselves, release what no longer serves our growth and cultivate our inner strength and resilience. We nurture a deeper relationship with the land we walk on, the spirit allies that surround us and each other.

Are you interested, but a bit nervous about meeting new people or totally new to this kind of thing?

I hear you. I am shy and anxious around new people too! What I’ve found is that small gatherings like this facilitated by folks like me who value holding a supportive, inclusive space have helped me feel more at peace with myself because I found I was not alone in how I was feeling. When I took that step to go out of my comfort zone, I found it expanded my comfort zone and made it easier to be myself in this world. Lots of folks who have never attended something like this before felt really at home and welcomed. There is no pressure at all to take on any specific beliefs or change your life in profound ways if you don’t want to! You don’t need to consider yourself a Pagan or a Witch, either.

Are you outside of Toronto or unable to go to an in-person gathering?

No problem! If you aren’t up for or able to connect in-person, you can join us online. Online circles are live and not recorded for confidentiality purposes.

The Hearthfire Circles alternate between being online and in-person. 4 per year are online, 4 are in-person in Toronto, ON, Canada. (Eastern Time). They are always on Fridays. You can see the year’s schedule here.

All circles are Pay-What-You-Can for accessibility. You can pay either the suggested amount, or less or more, depending on your means. Online circles are PWYC $25, in-person circles are PWYC $45 (includes snacks, tea, art supplies).

If it is your first time coming to a circle, then you can come for FREE! Please be mindful however if you sign up and are a no-show for your first circle, you must pay for the next one you decide to attend.

When you sign up for a circle, you are saving your spot in a limited-space event where supplies are bought in advance for you. Cancellations must be made 48 hrs in advance so I can attempt to fill the spot.

Summer Solstice 2022

* It is important for participants to make an effort to co-create a supportive, safer, inclusive space. You can read more about what holding safe space means to me here. *

“Serena’s kind and warm nature makes everyone feel welcome and included. She creates a magical environment and has the ability to help you reconnect with the person you truly want to be. She’s very knowledgeable and intuitive. I am very grateful to have met her and for having someone like Serena in my community doing what I believe is important work.”- Nancy L. 

“I have attended a Circle with Serena as well as have had a Tarot reading with her. Serena is incredibly warm and welcoming, and that is extremely important as the Circle and reading were two things very outside my comfort zone. Serena is an excellent listener and observer and really takes the time to help you understand why you’re there.” -Kelly

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As a Witch who makes her home and practice in Tkaronto (Toronto) Ontario, I deeply thank the original stewards of this land: The Mississaugas of the Credit, Mississaugas of Scugog, Alderville, Hiawatha & Curve Lake; The Chippewas of Beausoleil, Rama & Georgina island, the Haudenosaunee and Wendat nations. I acknowledge the resilience of the First Nation, Inuit and Metis people who live and work here in the present, in a system of inequity and oppression. I am working on uncolonising my own practice, amplifying Indigenous voices and supporting Indigenous communities in whatever way I can.