First Harvest Circle: The Cauldron of Creativity

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” Alice Walker

*This is an online circle Tuesday, Aug 1st , 7-9pm EDT on Zoom. If you are new to the Hearthfire Circles, please visit here to learn more!

We are now approaching the midway point between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox. This is called Lughnasadh in Gaelic, Gwyl Awst in Welsh or Lammas in Britain. It is traditionally a celebration of the harvest of grains such as wheat, oats and barley. We are also harvesting herbs, flowers and many other gifts from the Earth mother. This is the first of three harvest festivals- the second one is at Fall Equinox and celebrates the harvesting of fruits and the third one is Samhain which honors the hunt.

The harvest is about more than food and medicines, however. Our harvest is also about cultivating life-affirming abundance in every aspect of our lives, such as love, personal growth, health, creativity as well as financial prosperity. It is also about cultivating gratitude and appreciation for what we have, for the earth itself and recognising the sacrifices we and others have made to be where we are now.

This is also a time of year to celebrate our creativity! First Harvest takes place within the heart of Leo season, the fire sign of creativity, generosity and self-expression. In this season of abundance, we are encouraged to mirror the earth’s generative wisdom by accessing our own creative spirit, and allow our unique essence to flow forth into the world. We are co-creators with the earth, and the act of creating makes the world a better, more beautiful place!

However as adults, it is common for our creative energies to be blocked, stifled or censored. This is can be due to trauma or simply neglect over time as we meet our adult responsibilities of caring for family and work. It is easy to forget how to play or let ourselves create for fun without feeling our creations may be judged or need to be marketable. We can easily forget that we are all inherently creative beings, and we don’t need to be an artist or make things that fit into socially accepted boxes in order to validate our human right to play and self-expression!

This circle is about restoring our creative spirit and allowing ourselves to come alive and play!

In this circle, we will discuss the themes of the season and do a few practices to clear creative blocks and restore our creative energy centres- our creative cauldrons- within. We will do a guided meditation journey to meet our inner Creatrix/Creative Spirit and discover the way(s) in which our energy wishes to manifest at this time. We will share and discuss ways of nurturing our creative ideas and inspirations. Each participant will also receive an oracle card reading.

Circle Info:

When: August 1st from 7pm-9pm EDT.

Where: Zoom. Link given upon registration.

Cost: Admission is PWYC $25. If this is your first circle, you can come for free!

Vibe: I keep the online circles quite small and intimate to encourage sharing and connection, just like in-person. However, you don’t need to share if you don’t want to. The circle is LIVE and not recorded for confidentiality purposes. All genders and paths welcome.

*If you are new to the Hearthfire Circles, please visit here to learn more.

To Register:

  1. Please contact me below and ask if there is space.
  2. Once I have confirmed there is space, please e-transfer me PWYC $25 (non-refundable) or let me know if it is your first time attending.
  3. Your space will then be confirmed.
  4. An email outlining details and the Zoom link will be sent out a couple days before the circle.

I look forward to celebrating with you!

In gratitude & warmth,