Fall Equinox Circle: Season of the Witch

*This is an in-person circle in Toronto, ON. Friday, September 23rd 7pm-10pm.

Welcome to the season of change! As the earth’s energies begin to descend down towards the roots of her plants and trees, we too are invited to draw our energies inwards and ground into what nourishes us inside and out.

At the Fall Equinox, light and darkness are in balance, which supports our ability to see our life from a more balanced perspective than usual. Our inner needs and outer reality can more easily come into agreement.

As the nights get cooler and the leaves begin to change, we are reminded of the limitations of the harsh winter to come. We can prepare by aligning with our authentic self and letting go of anything excessive or burdensome that is no longer sustainable for us.

Cauldron Ritual

The archetype we will be exploring this season is the Witch. The Witch archetype has held many projections over centuries. These projections stem from fear of feminine power. Many of us are conditioned to fear this power- outside and within ourselves.

The Witch’s cauldron is a symbol of transformation and change. In working with cauldron energy, we can dissolve old, painful stories and transmute them into power.

In this Hearthfire Circle, we will connect with the Welsh witch goddess Cerridwen, known as the Lady of the Cauldron, Goddess of inspiration and transformation. We will visit her through a guided meditation journey and do a cauldron ritual over the fire to help release old stories and take back our power. Cerridwen is a goddess I’ve been working closely with for the last couple of years, and one of her major gifts has been empowerment.


We will also connect with our inner witch in the making of our very own mini besom (witch’s broom) to sweep away energetic debris! This is a fun craft that can be used as a practical tool, witchy decor or a gift if you choose.

Besoms we made last year!

This Hearthfire Circle will take place Friday, September 23rd 7pm-10pm in my backyard in Toronto, ON. (We will move inside if weather is bad).

All materials provided. Admission is PWYC $35 (materials for this circle’s craft are more expensive than others). If this is your first circle, you can come for free! This circle will also be potluck, so if possible, bring a drink or food item to share.

If you are new to the Hearthfire Circles, please visit here to learn more.

To Register:

Space is limited. If you would like to reserve your spot in this circle, please contact me below and ask if there is space. Once I have confirmed there is space, please e-transfer me PWYC $35 (non-refundable) or let me know if it is your first time attending. Your space will then be confirmed. An email outlining details will be sent out a couple days before the circle.